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Dali and models (ca.1974)  by Pompeo Posar 

“I like women who haven’t lived with too many men.
I don’t expect virginity but I simply prefer women
who haven’t been rubbed raw by experience.
There is a quality about women who choose
 men sparingly;
it appears in their walk
in their eyes
in their laughter and in their
gentle hearts.
Women who have had too many men
seem to choose the next one
out of revenge rather than with
When you play the field selfishly everything
works against you:
one can’t insist on love or
demand affection.
You’re finally left with whatever
you have been willing to give
which often is:
nothing.”- Charles Bukowski

candy - Charlie Speeckaert

Probably my last series of my old friend ‘Miles Better’..
Sporting Capt Fawcett’s Moustache Wax..
More to follow.
Ernest Hemingway (via observando)